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HX1000 mounting


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I have a HX1000 in a CM690 with two GTX285 cards.

The distance between the second video card and the power supply is very close, which is interfering with the video card cooling.

I have the power supply mounted with the fan down but it still is very hot (the PC is also in a computer desk), not sure of the actual temp.

My question is:

I'm looking at buying a HAF932 and considering mounting the power supply at the top.

In my layout there is not enough air getting to the bottom of the case to help cool a power supply.

If I mount the power supply fan down, would not all the heat generated by the graphic cards, cpu etc., go through the power supply?

If I mount the power supply fan up, then the cooler air above the case will be drawn in through the top vents in the HAF932 by the fan to help cool the power supply.

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I have not used either of those two particular cases, but even with the graphics cards in close proximity to the PSU there should not be any problems. Our units are tested to run at their rated spec at ambient temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius so there is little risk of the graphics cards heating up the PSU enough to cause any problems.
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Thanks for that.

I was not worried about the power supply overheating but the graphics card overheating.

The HX1000 is allmost the full length of the graphics card (Zotec GTX285 with reference cooler) and I have about 1/4" clearance between the two.

It would be better if the GTX285 had more "free" air around it, hence mounting the power supply at the top of a case.

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