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I have had this case pretty much since it was released and have been shipped 3 side panels for it because UPS's keeps messing them up.


The paint on all 3 seems to be a glossy black and not the same as my original case.


p/n on my original side panel: R2E079-001S


New panel's: R2E078-001S


one of the many dents:



I'll post a pic of them showing the different shades later.

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Wow, that is very unlucky indeed! My window side panel came with UPS also, in a "pizza-box" with extra cardboard padding around all corners, which again was in two heavy duty cardboard boxes spliced together. The person who shipped it must certainly have known a thing or two about packing.


I also had a 079 before and the new one says 078 too. I can't see any difference though. Both are powder-coated and matte, not glossy. So that's kind of odd if yours doesn't match.

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