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1066 mhz memory problem solved asus m3n72d with cm2x2048-8500c5d


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I have had this board for over a year now, and I have finally got my

CM2X2048-8500C5D memory running stable at 1066 mhz with my

PHENOM 9950 cpu!

It was the chipset running way too hot, 70 + degrees C. !!

I put an 80 mm fan right in front of the chipset heatsink between the cpu and video card and used some foam on the bottom and top of the fan, resulting in a chipset temp is now down to and set the bios up like this.

1 - Disabled USB legacy support, as mentioned in other posts.

2 - Set the memory to 2.1 volts.

3 - Set the memory timings to factory 5-5-5-15 2T and the rest set to AUTO.

4 - Set the memory from AUTO to 1066mhz

5 - Enabled SLI memory with 0 % OC.

And BAM, PRIME 95 ran torture test for a couple hours, and so far so good.

I used NVIDIA SYSTEM TOOLS along with PRIME 95.

I will test this configuration for a few more days, and let everyone know how it is going.

But if all goes well, I will make this my primary gaming system, switching out the CPU to a PHENOM 965 instead.

I have seen benchmarks on the 965 close to a core I7, and in some games beating the I7.

MMM... 186 buks vs 300buks.

You can do the math.

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Is your motherboard having onboard VGA? That might explain your very hot chipset. If not something is wrong with your MBO or some stupid aus software is playing with the NB voltages . You should talk with Asus support.


Here is a proof that you don't need I 7, but you can take the I 5@good price instead and very good performance comparing to Phenom 965.



Starting from page 9 you can see gaming results of I 5 vs phenom and other CPU's both Intel and AMD. The most interesting is page 14 with the power consumption which brought me to a conclusion : it won't be your saved money buying the 965 spent on a good cooling for CPU like Phenom 965 developing a huge heat from 157-231 watt consumption?not to mention the bills and maybe other fans, and ofcourse the lower score comparing with I5 750.

you can do the math too :D


Think twice before you move

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