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Proper configuration of TR3X6G1600C8D


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Hey, folks,


I'm here looking for some help getting my TR3X6G1600C8D configured properly on my EVGA X58 board. I'm kind of at a loss and was hoping I could find some helpful and insightful minds here.


This comes about because I'm trying to get support from EVGA for another part, and when I sent them a printout of my system specs, they pointed out that my RAM was underclocked and that I should get this fixed before trying to troubleshoot.


As I explained to them, all of the settings related to frequency and timing are set to the BIOS defaults. I had tried when I first built the system to set the memory at the advertised timings and voltages. The system boots but will bluescreen under load.


I read this thread and see that someone has managed advertised timings on this board, but with a different CPU and having it overclocked. I did my best to replicate settings as described, but apparently my CPU can't hack 19x205 and the system does not POST.


I'm not necessarily looking to overclock; in fact they'd probably tell me that I need to clock things back down to troubleshoot. But I'm hoping to find two core answers here:


Is there anyone with success running at advertised timings that can give me some pointers about what settings made it work? Frankly, in the current generation of hardware, I don't even know what half of the BIOS settings mean anymore, and this board has PLENTY. It would be fantastic if I could figure out how to use the settings I threw in the extra dollars for.


Secondly, can someone explain to me why the default speeds that the board is setting the memory at is considered underclocked? What speed is... well neither over- nor under-clocked and, again, does anyone have knowledge of what settings will allow stability at those speeds?


Thanks in advance for any bits of info shared.

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Thanks for the response. While it would be fantastic if it were that easy, unfortunately it is not so. With the "XMP Profile 1" setting applied, the BSOD visits after about 5 seconds of a Prime95 blend torture test. It's not even remotely stable. I've also noticed that E-LEET reports the DRAM voltage at an alarming 1.71V when XMP is on.
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