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Project siQalz - Obsidian Build.

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I should probably start off with a little introduction, My name is Liam, I'm 21 years of age and live in a small town called Frome in the South West UK.


I have been building my own computers for the past 5-6 years but never really got into the whole "modding" scene until recently.

Sorry for being lazy, But i copied the post from my Project log i am posting on another website... hope this doesn't break any rules - Just when i found the "Obsidian Enthusiasts" forum i had to post..


The project is called siQalz due to the fact of my overuse of the word siQ in online games. Thinking of a name for my build was the hardest part and im hoping its going to turn out pretty siQ so the name was appropriate.....




Obviously the first thing i chose was my case and it was a pretty easy decision for me. As soon as i saw the Obsidian i loved it, Also as i wanted a full tower it was a no brainer some would say.




Personally i was very happy with the case and packaging, Also i believe the price is reasonable compared to its competitors in the market.




I then went on to order my watercooling components! I will be having two loops, One for the CPU only and one for the GPU/Motherboard.


Heres a picture of said kit.




The two pumps i selected were the DDC-1T Pro with the Alphacool clear acrylic tops. I chose the tops with the outlets both coming from the same side rather than one top and one side as i would like to mount them both in the bottom of the case having 4 tubes shooting straight up. Personally i think this is going to look awesome.








I chose XSPC radiators, the RX360 for the CPU cooling and the RX120 for the GPU/Motherboard. The matt black of the radiators works so well with the case.






For the CPU block i went with the EK Supreme Highflow. Ek recently changed their packaging, Vast improvement if i say so myself.






Here's a quick picture of the reservoirs i chose, Simple and sweet. The new not as deep single drive bay clear res'.




As i am going for a light blue/black theme the fans are chose are the Silverstone Siuscool121 120mm. I will be going for the push/pull setup on the 120 rad but not on the 360.





I spent quite a while looking through motherboards but i finally made a decision. I went with the Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 as i feel it was the right board for the job. Colour fit, specs fit and finally budget fit.


Here it is in all its glory.




This is it complete with the dreadful standard chipset/mosfet heatsink cooler.




I couldn't be dealing with this so i quickly removed it using a simple pair of wire cutters, easy job if you ask me.




Motherboard now looks a bit better without that heap of junk!




I replaced it with the absolutely incredible EK full-board block. I mean this thing is stunning, check her out for yourself.










That's all for now sadly. Sorry for posting a MASS of pictures with not much modding. I have ordered my PSU along with sleeving from mdpc-x so i shall update as soon as that arrives. Hopefully that post will have slightly more modding in.


Cheers for reading.



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