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TX750W makes high-pitched noise, then powers off


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I'm having some issues with my Corsair 750TX PSU. I recently built a new system, and it had been running fine for a few weeks, but then one day I heard a high-pitched squealing noise coming from the case. Soon after the noise started (I'd say about a minute or two) the computer just powered off. There was no BSOD or error message of any kind; it was as if I had just unplugged it from the wall. I tried it a few more times and after 10 minutes or less, the noise would come back and it would power off again. I opened the case to see if I could locate the source of the noise, and it's definitely coming from the power supply. So I RMA'd my first PSU and got a replacement, but that one does the same thing.


Here are the troubleshooting steps I've taken so far:

-Tested incrementally without fans

-Tested without GPU

-Tested each stick of memory individually

-Reseated CPU heatsink and reapplied thermal compound

-Plugged PSU into different wall sockets

-Monitored temperatures and voltages in BIOS (they were all normal when the squealing came back and it shut off again while I was still in the BIOS)

-Tested with minimal I/O devices connected


The issue does NOT seem to occur when I'm doing anything in particular (such as running 3D applications). It seems to be more or less random. Feedback I've gotten on other forums generally suggests that it could be heat or the GPU, but I've tested for both of those and it still happens when my GPU is removed and when the temps are normal. I've run PassMark BurnInTest multiple times and it always passes (unless the computer powers off before the test completes).


I'd rather not have to RMA this PSU again, but I'm surprised that it's still happening (they sent me a brand new PSU last time). What could be causing the high-pitched noise, and why would my system power off right after the noise starts? I should also note that sometimes when the noise gets louder, right before the computer powers off, the desktop will freeze, but I'm still able to move my mouse. This has lasted for around 5-10 seconds before the machine powers off. Also, the first time it happened I was playing Mass Effect 2 and before the whole machine powered off, the monitor (I'm using a Vizio HDTV as my monitor) went blank for about 10 seconds, then the machine powered off. This made me think it was the video card, but I tested the machine without the video card and it still shut off after 10 minutes or so.


Could it be a problem with the motherboard or something? I don't really know the best way to test a mobo to see if it's the issue or not, but I've tested almost all the other hardware that I know to test.


Any help or advice would be much appreciated. If I have to RMA again then so be it, but I'm hoping I can resolve the issue some other way.

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  • Corsair Employees

First I would suggest that you review this thread as it may give you a few things to try:




If nothing helps and you still have the same issues, then I would suspect that the motherboard or graphics card could be the root cause of the noise, even if the noise seems to be coming from the PSU itself. Of course we can replace the unit for you if you would like to try a second replacement, but I would try the things listed in that thread first to see if there is any change. It would be extremely unlikely for two units to have the same strange behavior, and when a replacement unit performs exactly like the previous one, there is a good chance that there is some other cause for the problem.

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I've already ruled out the graphics card as the issue since the noise still happened when I had the graphics card removed. I tried the other suggestions and to no avail. I think I'll RMA the motherboard and go from there.


Thanks for the reply RAM GUY.

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I'm reviving this thread because my problem has persisted even after getting a new PSU and having my motherboard RMA'd. I am using PC Wizard and SpeedFan to monitor my temps and voltages, and I'm a bit concerned about my voltage readings.


In SpeedFan, I see this in the right column:

Vcore1: 0.98V

Vcore2: 1.54V

+3.3V: 3.34V

+5V: 5.05V

+12V: 1.41V


And this in the left column:

-12V: -1.17V

-5V: -8.43V

+5V: 3.60V

VBat: 3.20V


Then in PC Wizard I get mostly the same results:

Voltage CPU: 0.96V

+3.3V: 3.34V

+5V: 5.10V

+12V: 3.03V

VTT: 1.54V

VBAT: 3.20V


The ones in bold are the ones I'm concerned with. These reading seem pretty bad, but I'm just confused because I've gotten the power supply replaced already. Could anything else be causing this? I should note that in the BIOS the +12V looks fine (close to 12V), but with this software it looks pretty bad.

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I've tested it out of the case. I already sent the motherboard back to Gigabyte, and they said they found a short and fixed it. I've booted into the BIOS without drives and the noise still occurs. When I monitor the voltages in the BIOS they look fine, but there are only a few listed.
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I have the exact same issue that you describe. I just built my computer yesterday, so I have not had a lot of time to troubleshoot. I have only managed to install windows and the basic drivers; my computer often crashes within 20 seconds of windows loading. Same symptoms - small squeals followed by loss of power.


Aceroth: If you solve what is causing the issue, please post and let me know.


RAM Guy: I am in a sticky situation; I leave for a month-long vacation on Saturday (I know, poor me), but if I do need to RMA my power supply, will I still be able to after I get back? I've had the power supply for about a week.


Thanks for your help!

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  • Corsair Employees

Boondock, you have a 5 year warranty with the TX750, so you have plenty of time to have the unit replaced directly through Corsair. Your reseller likely has a different return/exchange policy, so if you are interested in a return or exchange you will need to check with the reseller to see what their policy is.


Aceroth, Software readings are notoriously inaccurate. Your readings provide a great example of this because there is no -5v rail on any ATX 2.01 or newer spec PSU.

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Thanks for the quick respose, RAM Guy.


After hours of searching I have determined the issue. My 5770 drivers (any of them tried) were not compatible with the bios revision of my gigabyte mobo. It is very strange that this would inflict a physical change to my hardware, but I have found other reviews and fora where people have had similar issues.


Maybe this will help other forum browsers who have sudden loss of power and similar setups to me.


Azuroth, don't know if it helps you as you've said you've tested the video card already, but good luck!

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