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Classified 3Way 2kits of 6GB or 1kit of 12GB?


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Hey guys I recently purchased 6GB of Dominator GTs


but was curious if anyone has purchased a second kit to make a complete 12GB, and still keep the 1600Mhz Freq.


I was wondering if it is better to exchange these for the Regular Dominators but in a kit of 12GB?



I know Corsair states that the 12GB kit is guaranteed to work at the 1600 speeds, and that using two kits of the Dominator GTs wont guarantee that it will work.


Anyone try either?

12GB Dominator Kit vs 2kits of 6GB Dominator GTs in a EVGA Classified 3-way and still keep the advertised speed or even higher?


Thanks in advance guys!

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