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HX 620 issue


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Good day all,


Little over a year ago I spec'd out my fathers new system and it has been flawless up until recently. He has a ASUS M3A79T Deluxe mother board, Phenom quad core CPU. He alos had 2 ST 7200.11 hard drives, I say had because in the space of 2 months he has had 3 Hard drives fail.


The first one died with in a few weeks of the warrenty from the store he purchased it, and they warrantied it with a new ST 7200.12. 3 weeks later and one week after the warranty ran out the other 7200.11 drive failed, but it was just data so he kept on working until I could help him out. 2 weeks after that the replacement 7200.12 drive failed.


He brought the system to me, and pulled the drives and connected them to my system, same mobo, they do not power up, they are dead. Neither OS or the BIOS sees them,, they do not spin up at all, they are dead. Now not a big deal, cheaper to buy new ones then ship them for replcement these days, so we purchased two new 7200.12 drives, bigger and less money then his previous ones.


Here is the issue, I am afraid to install them in the new system, I am worried that the PSU has died or the rails are unstable and killing the hard drives. Is there any way to test the PSU to be sure before I burn out two new drives? Or can I just RMA this PSU to Corsair?


Thanks so much,

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Might not be the PSU. There was a *really* bad batch of Seagate drives which if they didnt get the BIOS fix applied in time they would wreck themselves to the point of being effectively brick like.


I had one, and Seagate paid for the shipping, fix and return shipping for free and I didnt lose any of the data. The effect was pretty random and could occur when the machine was shut down I believe...mine lasted 2 or 3 months before it happened and I was pretty devastated. Lets just say I now do regular backups :)


http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/01/16/barracuda_failure_plague/ had some info


Having said that, I'm not sure if the .12 drives were affected...might be worth getting someone with a voltmeter have a look at it!

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Good point but that was limited to 1TB drives these have all been 500GB.


I am pretty sure the PSU is to blame but I have no idea on how to test it, and I do not want to put two new 750GB drives I have recently bought in and install Win7 until I am sure I won't be going backto buy them once again.

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