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TR3X6G1600C9 and Asus Rampage II Extreme whem XPM profile active cause BSOD.


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I have a series annoying problem whit my Corsair ram and my motherboard whit is Asus rampage 2 extreme. When i activate the X.M.P profile i get BSOD nearly instand when it have booted to windows. But if i set the ram manuel timmings, frekvens and voltage or let it run auto so i looks to run ok. But whit X.M.P profile nealy instand BSOD. My ram and mother board fully compitable, the momory are on asus officely support list of memory to my mohterboard. I have even tryed whit at brand ned motherboard but whit the same result, BSOD when X.M.P is active. I have testet whit Menmtest and Memtest86+ and non of the programmes comes whit errors. Så no errors from programs. My memory is also new.


The memory i have problems whit is TR3X6G1600C9

more spec to ram:


DDR3 1600 MHz


1.65 volt

3x2 2 GB (triple channel memory).


Ohter system spec is:

i7 920 Do stepping

Asus rampage 2 extreme


I got these BSOD:






If any one can help, so please help me. I dont understand why it fails whit X.M.P and not then i do it manuel and at the same time memtest and memtest86+ not comes whit any errors and the motherboard i brand new (i have tried whit my old asus rampage 2 extreme board and the new one and get same failure. So it is nok the motherboards there are deffekt). And the memory is even on the official support list over mohterboard, but it still fails whit X.M.P on. It just not make any sence.


I realy need help to this problem.

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I have now testet the 3 modules. And whit the same result as before.


At auto and then i manuel set the ram frekvens, timmings and volts its runs fine. No BSOD or errors whit memtest or memtest86+.


But whit the X.M.P profile nealy instand BSOD when i boot in to windows. Its Windows 7 ultimate 64-bits i use by the way and the new motherboard has bios version 1704.

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