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RMA'd 8GB Voyager GT, 16GB Voyager GT I got appears bad


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I recently, within the last two weeks, RMA'd my 8GB Voyager GT after it died, RMA#1148592 Case #1334658.


I got a packaged 16GB Voyager GT in the mail which worked pretty well the first day. Upon more use, browsing the folders and copying data, I began to notice the drive unmount and remount itself constantly. I tried it on two systems, one XP one 7, and it presents the same problem. I really prefer corsair for memory, flash drives, and recently power supplies. Is there a solution for this problem? Do I have to pay shipping again seeing as I have been sent a defective product that was supposed to "fix" my dead flash drive?


Package on the 16GB GT says CMFUSB2.016GBGT, 10060402 below the barcode on the sticker on the back.


Any help would be appreciated Ramguy...

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