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TX850W and Graphics Card Problem


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I was just wondering if anyone else here has noticed or had this problem. I just built a new system (see specs) and I am having an issue with the PCI-E connectors on the PSU not connecting to my XFX HD 5770 (6-pin). The plug goes in and powers it, but it will not clip on. It's like the clip on the side of the connector (PSU) is not long enough to grab the notch on the connector of the gfx card. I'm afraid if I pushed any harder, I will break the connector off of the gfx card. I have never had this issue and I'm kind of concerned because if I try to do anything in the computer (like turn the neon lights on or something), I have to be careful not to even touch the wire or it will fall out and my gfx card will shut off and I have to do a hard boot. All 4 PCI-E connectors fit the same way.
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