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First time builder - advice on H50 placement please


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Greetings one and all


Well i have finally decided to go down the self build route.


I have been a follower of these forums and others for many years so while i have become "book smart" so to speak, this will be my first foray into the wonders of over clocking and self build.


I am building an I7 860 on an Asus Maximus III board.


My Corsair purchases are the 850HX power supply, an Obsidion 800D case and the CWCH50-1 hydro cpu cooler using 2 Enermax Magma MA12 fans in a push/pull set up (I also 3 extra Magma fans for the top 3 fan slots if needed).


I have read many posts in this forum and in the builder forums, but the bottom line is i am confused where to mount the radiator.


1. The back of the case blowing in.

2. The top of the case (rear top mount) either blowing in or out.

3. The top of the case (front top mount) blowing in.


As FedEx is due to drop off all the components today and i am sure i will be like a big kid in a toy shop and want to start construction even if its midnight, any advice given would be appreciated.


thank you



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Going to sound like an odd answer but the best thing to do is to try it out in different locations in the 800D.


My H50 started out mounted at the rear 120 fan location pulling cold air in, tried it pulling air out of the case in the same location.


Its now mounted in the top of the case in the rear position pulling air in, which seems to work the best for me.



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i have mine mounted at the front in the roof as exhaust with push-pull. i added a 120mm fan at the "floor" pushing cold air to the 140mm fan at the divider. i have put 2 other fans next to the rad, also as exhaust and the 140mm fan in the rear as intake.


Important is that you get a nice steady airflow through you case, try out a few configs like roman59 says and see what gives your system the best result.

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Thank you for your advice - i will play with the different options and see how it works out.


Currently i have it top/rear blowing in with a push/pull set up - i then have the other two top fans extracting and also the rear case fan extracting.


No temp tests yet as even with enthusiasm, sleep and work today won :)


Thank you to both of you again for your advice.



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