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Report Your Success or Failure - X-Series Firmware Update


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As has been noted, IDE is the way to do this.


I made the mistake of having the drive not in Sata port0 or 1, and it would not work ...I also unplugged every device to be safe BUT ended up needing two drives plugged in for it to find the drive - thought that was odd.


But it didn't take long to find my drive and updated so fast I worried if it actually update, but Crystal Info said it did.


Did it seem too fast to anyone else?

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Hi All,



Been at it all afternoon. Thats is trying to upgrade my cmfssd-64d1. All possible combinations where exhausted. Used three systems. One of which allowed changes from SATA to IDE. But to no avail...the dredded download error... I had given up.


Just for S***S & G*****S as my boss would say, I ran Crystal again. Low and behold Firmaware 2.0.


Yes that is weird, on top of which I have noticed as anotehr op has that Health status has dropped by some 20%.


I'm guessing this is not normal, but I'm writing this post from my laptop with the corsair in it so ...


Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated, I'm hoping I dont have to RMA.



Thanks in advanced to any respondents.

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