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PC Shuts Down after 5 minutes


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refer to my sytem specs if necessary.


I just bought a new rig and all hardware was installed without problems, installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 64bit, but i'm having a system power off after a few minutes of runtime.


It was a miracle to install the Asus Driver Cd and Download and install nvidia drivers.


I have 12Gb Corsair CMX6GXM3A1333C9 in 2Gb sticks. they are not on the motherboard's compatibility list, howwever according to specs they are compatible.


I am wondering if this problem might be


1. bios settings related to DRAM's frequency settings


2. RAM incompatibility with my system


3. Faulty PSU


NOTE: i am using default and auto configs from the motherboard with no tweaking options at the moment


troubleshooting that i have done:


1. exchanged GFX's

2. removed all drives and all connectors from motherboard, only gfx and hard disk connected

3. turned on Bios menu only, same problem

4. checked CPU temp (stable idle at 40deg celsius - stock Intel cooler & heat sink)

5. Checked motherboard Temperature (stable at 37deg celsius idle)

6. removed 3x Corsair RAM modules, placed in motherboard spec config


all these steps, and still no luck, any insights?

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  • Corsair Employees

If you have tried testing the memory modules one at a time and each gives you the same results then you should be able to rule out the memory. If the PSU is causing the problems due to a hardware failure then it should give you the same issues both when booting up into safe mode, or letting the system sit in the BIOS for a few minutes. If the system shuts down on its own in all of these conditions then we can go ahead and replace the unit for you, but it may be a good idea to test it in a different system if possible, just to be sure.


To have the unit replaced, please use the "Request an RMA" button on the left side of this page.

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