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Asus P5N32E-SLI, one bad stick, should I upgrade?


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I just got (used) a computer with 2GB of Corsair memory (model is listed in my specs). Upon running Memtest v2.11 as a matter of course, I found one stick to have many errors. I got a good price on the computer, and I think I just figured out why, though I don't think that the previous owner knew anything was wrong with it. :sunglasse I think it’s a couple of years old so do I have any recourse for warranty replacement of that stick?


Here are pix of the memtest.




The first 3 are with both sticks testing, then 2 pix with the good stick, and 3 pix testing just the bad stick.


How does this happen? Does it happen over time? Can one cause memory to go bad? Does temperature affect the life of RAM? Or was it bad from day one?


Also, I wonder if I was to buy new Corsair memory, and I wanted to upgrade my system (within reason), what would be recommended? I’m thinking 4GB and I wonder if I need to go with PC8500, or could stick with PC6400. I don’t suppose DDR3 is an option for me. Or is it? How about SLI memory, since I have that spec on my board?


Should I run my computer with just the good stick I have in the meantime?




Memory challenged



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Hi, so by disabling Legacy USB and using memtest v4.0, both sticks have tested for 2 hours, multiple passes, without error.


When I put them both in, in the same color slots, I get errors in the first 7 minutes of the test. I believe they are set to run at 1.9v in my BIOs.


I have a feeling you're going to want me to test longer.


Please advise as to the next troubleshooting procedure and would you answer my questions about speed and SLI as well?


Thanks very much for your help!

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Is there a voltage listed on the side of your modules on the sticker? If yes, make sure they are set to run at that voltage.


As for memory with SLI Ready EPP profiles, our PC8500 still has it. It's helpful but not a requirement. I'd suggest using the Memory Finder on the left side bar of this page to select memory. And no, DDR3 is not an option.

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No, no voltage listed. Please see the picture link I posted in the OP.


Any idea why it's producing errors? Should I try the other pair of slots?? What else can I try? If you'd like pix of the errors please let me know.


I'm thinking of upgrading to two sticks of 2GB ea. of the PC6400 XMS2 anyway but would like to know if the ones I have are good or bad.


Thank you.

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It is possible that the MOBO is the source of the errors as it could either be a BIOS setting or an issue with the memory controller on the MOBO. IIRC, your memory is rated for 1.9v but I am checking to verify that. Based on the Memtest results, at this point, I don't think you have a bad module.
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