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SSD System Drive, TRIM, Storage Drives in RAID


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I'm about to start ordering parts for a new machine to replace a 5 year old Laptop. I am trying to learn as much as I can about new parts (new to me since the last time I built a computer). I will be installing Windows 7 64-bit.


My plan for Storage was as follows:


Windows OS + Programs: Single ~120GB SSD

Media and Storage: 4x 500GB drives in RAID 0 (Intel Matrix RAID on EVGA E758)

Backup: Single 2TB drive


First, is it best to have the SSD in AHCI mode on the motherboard?


After reading the TRIM FAQ I am concerned my plans will not work if I want TRIM support. I will need to install the Intel Matrix Storage Utility in Windows in order to setup my mechanical drive RAID array. I would assume this installs Intel's storage drivers (overwriting the MS drivers), however, according to the FAQ this will disable TRIM as it requires the default Windows drivers (MSAHCI):


How do I enable support for TRIM?


For TRIM to function the operating system, storage drivers and solid-state drive must all support the TRIM command. Currently, only Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems support the TRIM command and only when the default Microsoft Storage Driver (MSAHCI) from Microsoft is used.

As such, TRIM is only supported in single-drive configurations, since current RAID storage drivers do not pass on the TRIM command from the operating system.


Please tell me I have this wrong or I am misunderstanding what is being said.

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Asked Intel about this via Live Chat (see screenshot). No telling how long it will be until the new version of Intel Rapid Storage Technology software and drivers come out :sigh!: My guess is at least a couple of months (if not more).


I guess my next question is if it does come out 2 months months from now, how bad do you think the SSD will suffer performance-wise in that time? When the new drivers that support TRIM do come out and I update, will TRIM take care of the last two months worth of garbage? (wish I understood how all this works better :p: )


BTW, I do plan to move the pagefile, temp directories, and user profiles to a conventional HDD or array.



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