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Memory timing


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Hello to every one. this is my first thread on this forum.

i have 2 x 1GB Corsair PC3500LL-pro (2-3-2-6 )

2 X 512MB cORSAIR CMX512-3200C2PRO (2-3-3-6-2T)

and 2 x 512MB CORSAIR CMX512-4400C25PT (2.5-4-4-8-2T)

i woudl like to mix the 2 PC3500LL with two of 512MB but i cant find the right timing. if i mix Pc3500 with 3200C2 both are runing at 333Mhz and if i mix PC3500 with 4400C2 both are runing at 200Mhz


My motherboard is ASUS A8N32-sli

thanks in advance

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