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CM2X2048-8500C5D (x2) Work alone but not together!


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I have the above mentioned RAM (and have had for about a year).


All of a sudden Windows 7 (64) stopped loading. After trial and error I realised that 1 stick of RAM was faulty.


RMA - returned this week.


But, I still have the same problem!


Having spent more time to investigate I can 'safely' say that both sticks of RAM are fine. They work ok when I use one at a time.


The issue arises when i try to put them together (they're identical and came from RMA in a sealed packed together)


Therefore this must be something i'm doing wrong in the BIOS (which is strange because they had been working fine for many months.)


Please Help!


as i understand it the most important setting in the bios is the voltage. My BIOS is set to 1.8 as normal, so for 2.1 i need "+0.3v"




Next the timings 'should' be able to run in 'auto' mode - albeit slacker than they potentially can be.

But, in any case I have tried the variation of 'auto' and '5,5,5,15'.


Beyond that, what else am i missing that can repair this error.


I'm almost talking myself into thinking that Dual Channel is somehow 'broken' and only single channel works (but those are really only 'names' AFAIK and don't really mean anything)


Thanks for any pointers/help/advice.

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That would suggest another issue most likely with the memory controller. Have you tried running 667MHz or 800MHz to see if the issue is resolved? You can also try putting a fan over the NB to see if cooler temperatures helps.
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Thanks for the reply.


I have now swapped the RAM with my Work PC, which has 2x


CM2X2048-6400C4DHX (basically the 800mhz version of Dominator i think)


Everything worked fine first time, and no problems since.


Must have been simply a bizarre compatibility issue. Although the dominator was working for some time, there must have always been a problem because my windows experience for RAM jumped from 4.5 to 7.2 with this (downgrade) RAM


I guess i'll leave it there for now, I only use my PC for Music,Video,Web and some Web Design, so I doubt i'll notice the drop in bandwidth.

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