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TW3X4G1800C8DF - What happened to it, and what's my next step?


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So I read the sticky "want to buy more ram (but revision are diff now)" and have to admit that I'm not 100% on what all of it meant, but let me sum up what I thought I understood.


I run the TW3X4G1800C8DF series in my PC, 4gb total (2x2048). Bought a couple years ago. I don't see this memory for sale anymore, nor is it listed by Corsair on their site as a current product. That leads me to believe that it has been discontinued or replaced. I've been thinking of expanding to 8gb. Because of the improbability of finding more TW3X4G1800C8DF, not to mention I won't be able to tell what revision it is...


Is my best option to sell my current TW3X4G1800C8DF and purchase 8gb of a different (current?) model number?

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