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GA-MA790FX-DQ6 and TWIN2X4096-8500C5D


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Hi, I have bought 2x2048-8500C5D Corsair Dominator (2 ram modules of 2Gb each) on a Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DQ6 motherboard with latest firmware installed (version F7E) and an AMD Phenom X4 945 CPU.

I tried to activate the AUTO XPRESS EPP MODE (with EPP Voltage Control by EPP) but the system crashes quite every hour.

The ram modules work perfectly at 800mhz (in auto setting) without any crash or BSOD.

So, I've tried to set manully the RAM values as indicated below, without success:


Memory Clock x5.33 1066Mhz

DTCs Mode Unganged

DDR2 Voltage Control +0.25 (2.10v)


CAS# latency 5T

RAS to CAS R/W Delay 5T

Row Precharge Time 5T (7)

Minimum RAS Active Time 15T

1T/2T Command Timing 2T

TwTr Command Delay 4T

Trfc0 for DIMM1 127.5ns

Trfc2 for DIMM1 127.5ns

Trfc1 for DIMM1 75ns

Trfc3 for DIMM1 75ns

Write Recovery Time 8T

Precharge Time 3T

Row Cycle Time 31T

RAS to RAS Delay 4T


But I still have many crash. If I get back to the auto settings (800 Mhz) the system works perfectly.

I already had 2 Corsair Dominator modules at 800mhz, and I have bought the new 2x2048-8500C5D to upgrade my system at 1066Mhz, so I'd like to run my ram modules at 1066Mhz, to justify the money spent :)

Can anyone help me in tuning the right configuration of the ram modules on motherboard's bios?

Thanks in advance.

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Add ~ .25 -.5 volt of CPU-NB/IMC.

By ~.25 - .5 do you mean from +0.250v to +0.500v, or do you mean from +0.025v to +0.050v?

Thanks in advance.


It is possible you are running into a limitation of the memory controller on your processor. Have you tried raising the CPU/NB voltage at all?

I hadn't tried to raise the CPU/NB voltage at all.

I have raised the CPU voltage control to +0.050v 10 minutes ago, with all DRAM settings controlled by EPP, and I'm testing the system.

Is it ok or should I raise it much more (to +0.250v or +0.500v)?



Where is the NB voltage? I didn't found it. Is it the same that CPU voltage?

I have noticed into BIOS only the NorthBridge Frequency, not the NorthBridge voltage.

I have just the following items into BIOS regarding the voltage:

CPU Voltage Control (the one I have just changed)

Chipset Voltage Control

HTT Voltage Control

HTR Voltage Control

Memory Controller Voltage


Thanks for your help.


EDIT: I have raised the CPU voltage control to +0.050v but the system has crashed.

Then I've adeed the increase of the Chipset Voltage by + 0.10v, but the system has crashed again.

So I've added the increase of the HTT Voltage Control too by + 0.10v, but the system still crashes.

Which value should I still change? Should I do further increases of the CPU voltage?

Which values?

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I now use +.075 voltage with my 720BE (C2 revision) CPU's IMC @ 2.2ghz.

My motherboard is a GA-MA78LM-S2H, and it has but three phases and a four pin CPU power connection, so my .75 voltage might be .25 voltage higher than a board with more phases and an eight pin CPU power connection.


Also, I cannot run my RAM, which is the same as yours, at 1066 either, and I checked the sub-timing differences between my Foxconn A7DA-S and mine, to see that my Gigabyte one uses much tighter timings, so that might be another restricting factor.

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