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Does my memory running right ?


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Hello i have an Core i5, Gigabyte-P55A-UD4 setup with corsair dominator 2x2 1600mhz. (TW3X4G1600C9D)


When first time i ran the system it was running on 1066mhz ram. I changed System Memory Multiplier from "auto" to "10". Now BIOS shows ok - 1333mhz. But the programs like everest, SIW - shows only 1066mhz... does any one could explain it to me? is it bad ?


here are some screens:





can some one help me with that ? for now i just run it correctly @ 1333mhz as my not OC'ed CPU supports.

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The CPUz screenshot does show the memory running at 1333MHz. Those modules are rated at 1.8v however the CPU you have is only rated up to 1.65v as any high on the memory voltage can damage the CPU. Please set the timings to 9-9-9-24 and the memory voltage to 1.65v and leave the memory at 1333MHz to ensure you do not have any issues.
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Thanks for reply RAM_GUY !


the BIOS menu - DRAM VOLTAGE have these values "1.640V and 1.660V" which i need to choose ? because there is no 1.65 between..




edit: i checked again the BIOS and i see that my DDRAM voltage in "AUTO" mode is 1.64.. so it's wasn't running more than my CPU "can handle" ?

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