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RMA of a dead X128 w/ FW 1.0


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A week ago my 1,5 month old Corsair X128 died on me as it all of a sudden is no longer rekognized by BIOS. I have established it's death by trying the drive in another computer, still dead, and hooking up another drive in the same sata-ports as the X128, and it's functional.


Knowing Corsair, i trust there will be no problems replacing the drive.


However, i have 2 concerns: I live in Europe and will need to ship it to the NL for replacement. The cost of shipping it UPS-std (4 days delivery) incl extra insurance because of the value is € 108 / $ 147.


This cost gives me my 2nd concern; what version FW will the replacement drive have? If it's the same as my fawlty drive it will be a VERY expensive drive for me, if it has the new FW on it the shipping cost for me may be justified.


So my simple question is; Which FW will the replacement drive have?


Feel free to reply either here or by PM/email (my acc accepts emails from admins) if you feel that's more appropriate.


Thank you.

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unless they test your drive and its working they may update the Firmware and return it back to you.


lol, if it was working i would not throw away money on shipping costs to get it replaced :confused: but be my guest ;):


Anyway, i will use your provided link.





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