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TR3X6G1333C9 and DX58SO MOBO BIOS Timings


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Here are the current settings for memory in my BIOS:


Performance Memory Profiles <Automatic>

Uncore Multiplier [16]

Memory Multiplier <8>


tCL [8]

tRCD [8]

tRP [8]

tRASMIN [19]

tRFC [59]

tRRD [4]

tWR [8]

tWTR [4]

tRTP [4]

tRC [27]

tFAW [20]


Memory Voltage = 1.54

QPT/Uncore Voltage Override = 1.150

Command Rate <AUTO>

DIMM Reference Voltage Training <OFF>


Should I be setting the timings for my TR3X6G1333C9 memory to your recommended settings of 9-9-9-24? If so, can you reconcile the difference in nomenclature so I can manually set the memory timings for this BIOS?




Aidan :biggrin:

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Thanks for your response. I have set these values in my BIOS and so far all is well. Now, if I can just resolve the video driver hang issues for my newly installed Power Color ATI 5970 video card, all would be wonderful.


Thanks again for your prompt response.




Aidan :biggrin:

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