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Unhappy X128 owner


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After 3 weeks of working (hard working i must say), write speed of my Corsair (Extreme Series CMFSSD-128D1) fell to 8-20 Mb/s (!) from 150-160.

Formatting, deleting dont help me.


I cant perform "secure erase" operation due to bios ROM non-adjustable settings.


I'm very disapointed.

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  • Corsair Employees

The drive must be connected to boot the system so it is detected, just before you run the Erase command Remove the S-ATA and power to the drive, ( you must do both on some MB's) then reconnect and run the secure erase command.


But if you still have problems I would suggest trying that on another system as the controller that on your MB or system may be part of the complication.

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