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H50 Fan?


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I have just purchased the H50 and because I wanted to have more airflow also purchased two Xigmatek 120 fans to one, replace the fan that comes with it, and also to add a fan in a pull/push configuration.


The Xigmatek fans have 3 pin connections however, I see that the fan that comes with the H50 has a 4 pin connection. The instructions state that the fan should be attached to the CPU fan header and the radiator 3 pin can be connected to any fan header on the MB.


Does this mean that I will have to use the fan that came with the H50 anyway, due to the 4 pin CPU connection? Or can I use the 2 Xigmatek fans and just plug them into any 3 pin MB headers. If I don’t use the 4 pin fan that came with the H50 will there be a problem because there is nothing connected to the CPU fan header??


The motherboard I am getting is the Asus Rampage II Extreme.


Thanks for any help.

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