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Voyager GT 16GB & Windows 7 64bit


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I have had a 16GB Voyager GT for a few months now and it keeps coming up with errors on my Windows 7 (64bit) system.


If I try to write or read from the drive it either freezes or disconnects then reconnects automatically and cancels the process it was on.


I have tried to reformat it to both NTFS and Fat32 but it has the same errors on either file system. Not sure what the issue is since it seems to work fine on my XP system.


I have looked for an update for drivers for my system, but they are all up to date.


Any ideas?

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  • Corsair Employees

We did not get you returned drive in Tech support yet but it does show it was received on the 2nd. I have sent our RMA department a message and asked them to pull the item ASAP.

Can you give us the tracking number from the shipper you used?

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