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PSU clicking noise: Possible DYI Easy Fix Solution?


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Hi everybody,


I’ve read in another post that somebody bought the same type of internal fan to replace the noisy one in their PSU and it fixed their problem. (Fan model: Yate Loon D14SM-12.)


I found a picture of the internal setup of my HT1000w PSU and the fan seems to be a basic 140mmX140mmX26mm model, with a Black/Red connector (sans yellow, which only provides control when connected to a MoBo anyway): see it here.


Might anybody know if it would be okay to use another fan model, like an Artic-Cooling 140x140x26 or some such?


Getting an RMA would be nice, but frankly, the S&H fees from Canada for the HT1000w model are c-r-a-z-y. If I can just spend 7.99 on a new fan and replace it myself, I’d be overjoyed. The PSU is working just fine and I’m sure it will for many years to come, but the noise from the fan is irritating as all heck!


PS: I have followed the suggestions of RAM_GUY via the official sticky about this issue, as well as suggestions in other posts (such as loosening the screws on the fan protector to make sure it is not coming in contact). Nothing has helped. I have deduced that the clicking is from the fan component itself.

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