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cheers everyone: I have successfully installed the H50 over the weekend into my FT01 case using push/pull on the 120 exhaust fan. The FT01 has only 1 exhaust!. I am going to test the results and see what temps i get. i previously had a CM V8 and was not happy with the results I got.


I live in a tropical environment and so my ambient temps are usually high. With aircon working I am still registering around 22 - 24 c ambient. The CPU temps using CM V8 were 42 c idle and 56c load, not good. So i thought I would give the H50 a try. Using the FT01 exhaust fan with push and pull my temps to date are idle 40c and 50 load a better result.


I am going to see if I can change the top intake fan (180mm) and make it an exhaust and change the 120mm from exhaust to intake and that way i can have the recommended install spec required for the H50 and see if the temps change significantly.


Not sure if changing fans around in FT01 will have an impact on my system temps but i guess time will tell.


sorry for the long post.:sigh!:

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Ok was not happy with temps with system set up for push and pull using the rear 120 exhaust fans. So after some work I have switched the top 180 from input into output and the rear 120 output into input in push and pull. 2 degrees in temp with this config not huge but when you luive in the tropics evry little bit helps.


idle 38c and full load prime95 48 - 49c, excellent I can live with that. Considering my environment that is a good result for me. Under load the V8 was hitting 58c, piece of @#@#..


i would like to OC my amd 955 BE but with a ceiling of 60c I couldnt using the CM V8. i can at least try for 3.6 now and be confident that my temps wont max to 60. I now have an extra 10 c of give under load. Thanks corsair.

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