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TR3X6G1866C9D - Single stick fails to post


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Hi all,


I've had this kit installed since 15th September 2009 (OC to advertised speed, memtest 100% pass on all sticks) and its been fantastic running up until a few days ago. I've started to have a few problems running all 3 memory modules...


The system is now completey stock and default values in OC bios.


Firstly I have tested all ram sticks individually in blue slot 1 and one of the modules fails to post the other 2 are perfectly fine which post and boot into windows.


The faulty module fails to post and gives me a DETRAM code on my poster screen which basically means its stuck at RAM detection.


When I install the 'faulty' module in with a working module (only 2GB dected in bios) I get Windows blue screen error (memory dumps etcc...) or complete crash.


I assume there is a fault with this one module. Otherwise its been completely fine. How can this module just go bad over a period over 5 months?


I should mention im a Computer Tech by trade so im fairly up to it with tech talk.


Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated. :)

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