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HX850w louder than expected..? (compared to HX620w)


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Hi, I had a HX620w before that I never really used on a PC because I was too lazy to start taking my old PC apart. But then little while ago I started building a new PC and I used the HX620w especially for testing fans and while I had to RMA the first one for fan's ticking noise. The new one was perfect. It was just so quiet that it was hard to believe. Standing about 1 meter away from the PSU I basicly couldnt hear it at all. However then I decided to upgrade to HX850 because I while my new PC has a i7 920 and 1x HD5870, I might upgrade to crossfire someday in the future and thought that HX850w would be a bit more future-proof.


So 2 days ago I received my new shiny HX850w and its running fine otherwise, except it's a bit loud :/. Unlike my old HX620w, I can have only the PSU running (turning it on using the green wire) and I will still clearly hear it from 2 meters away. While the HX620w was nonaudible at already 1m.


I also tested plugging a 1450rpm gentle typhoon (one of the most quiest fans out there!) next to it.. Went to about 1 meter away and still.. I couldnt really hear the gentle typhoon at all but sure did hear the HX850w.


And then also while it's not really an efficient way to stress the PSU, I turned prime95 (stock i7 atm) on in hopes to see if the PSU fan starts spinning faster/louder under some stress but I couldnt hear any difference. Almost as its running on full speed all the time. Oh and the system isnt in any kind of a case now. Just running on top of a box so its getting ambient air.


So has anyone else had problems like this? :confused: I'm a bit confused with my situation now as the PC will be using watercooling and therefore is aimed to be quite a quiet system... But the PSU feels loud now.. I can understand the HX850w is louder than a HX620w.. but the difference just feels way too big.


Noticed this thread about someone who has noticed something similar with those PSU's: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=84406


edit: I have now my i7 stock cooler running at 1000rpm which is the min speed and HD5870's fan at 20% (min) and I can hear the PSU being a bit louder than those fans


edit2: When I put my hand over the PSU. It's really easy to feel that it's sucking a lot of air. Really a lot of air. And again I just went right next to the setup and I clearly heard the PSU over the GPU and CPU coolers. The exhaust air from PSU is quite cool so the PSU isnt hot anyway.

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I have new HX 750. It have LY fan.


I also notice i hear air shhhh and it sucking a lot air beneath case with no load. Also air is cold. I had VX550 and it was inaudible and no such sucking of air (shhh sound) in no load until it start to ramp up with gtx 275 and psyhx 9800gt.


I get HX series over TX because of noise so i feel little disapointed. To bad its no 500 or lower rpm or no fan turning in low load like some competitor have.

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