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help with SSD garbage collector for P128


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I have read the FAQs but I am not sure I understand correctly so I appreciate any advice on the following.


I am planning on using a P128 SSD drive for the OS.


I will also be using two normal harddrives in a mirror config using the BIOS RAID (Intel motherboard).


As such I think the controller driver will be the Intel matrix driver. As the SSD is plugged into the same controller even as a none RAID drive I think the native TRIM support in Windows 7 will not work.


Is there a toolkit available for the P128 similiar to the Intel SSD toolkit to run the SSD cleanup manually from Windows?


Many thanks

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Interesting thread. I checked the links but they do not point to official Intel downloads. Is there an Intel RAID driver that supports Trim? Just that all the info I can find suggests only the AHCI driver allows Trim passthough.


I would still be interested to know if there is a SSD toolkit for Corsair SSDs equivalent to the Intel toolkit to run garbage collection manually.

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I would suggest contacting the MB and or Raid controller manufacturer for the latest driver and information. But if its not available I would suggest using the latest version of Diskeeper to help keep the drives in top performance.
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