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Want to make TW3X2G1600C9DHX run at 1600


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Hi, this is a great forum and thanks for your help in advance, I will really appreciate it.

My RAM is running at 1066 right now but it is rated at 1600. I had always assumed it was running at 1600 but yesterday I checked and since then I've been trying to ramp it up to there, with no success.

I've updated to the newest BIOS, and my motherboard can support up to DDR3-2000.

I'm not an overclocker, so basically I changed BIOS settings based on other posts and they just gave me problems so I decided that instead of eventually breaking my computer I will ask the pros for help ;)

I just want to know which BIOS settings to use to make the memory run at the speed it's rated at. All of the timings and voltages etc are at their default values now (auto).

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On most Core2 systems the memory frequency is expressed as a ratio between the effective FSB speed and the effective memory speed. A 1:1 ratio on most DDR3 motherboards means that the memory will be running at the same effective speed as the processor's effective FSB speed.

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