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Reported PSU voltages


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I have a CX400W power supply. The voltages presented by SpeedFan and CPUID Hardware Monitor are quite different than expected. I am shown:


1. the 12V at about 9.7

2. the VRAM at about 0.76

3. the VREF1.5 at about 0.95

4. the 5V at 5.6V


and so on.


I am also experiencing intermittent stutters (every now and then there would be a couple of seconds when the mouse won't move, the sound and video will stutter). I am wondering if the voltages are at fault.


I have also tried a different system both on this power supply and on a 350W power supply. On the 400CX PS I get intermittent stutter (mouse/sound/video) while on the 350W PS it works flawlessly (same system).


It really sounds strange that two completely different systems (no other component in common) will stutter the same way.


Any suggestions?


Thanks, Florin

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  • Corsair Employees

I would double check the voltage readings in the BIOS and see if they are the same as your readings in speedfan. You may also want to test the PSU in a different system just to be sure the problems follow the PSU, but if the voltages are out of spec and the old PSU is working without issues, then it sounds like it should be replaced.


You can use the link on the left of this page to Request an RMA.


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