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Refurbished 32GB Voyager Slow Write Speed


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I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem with their Voyager 32GB.


I've owned a 16GB Voyager for about a year and was really impressed with the write speed as it was a vast improvement over the other USB sticks out there.


So I bought the other day a New Refurbished Voyager 32GB and instantly noticed it was slower than my 16GB one. I ended up doing a few tests comparing each and found that the 16GB was at least 50% faster on all bench marking tools.


When I bought it didn't think that refurbished meant slower. Have other people experienced this?


The read speed is okay, slower than the 16Gb but acceptable. But the write speed ranges from 5-6MB/S compared to 10-11MB/S for the 16GB stick.


Is this the norm?


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Well i wounder if my speeds are right :S

I started to wounder why my 16GB Voyager GT


Did a test whis crystaldiskmark.


Seq Read: 28,30MB/s Write: 8,822MB/s

512K Read: 28,30MB/s Write: 1,068MB/s

4K Read: 4,894MB/s Write: 0,009MB/s


I tried to use portable apps, but Firefox is insane slow, and now after this test it seem to be my usb driver thats makes it.........or?


Bought it over a year ago, and havet use it so much.

and i use FAT32 on it.

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