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No RMA received after receiving case number

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I raised a case regarding my faulty memory on 8th Feb (see below) and although I've received a case number, I still haven't received an RMA number. I've e-mailed customer service and have not received a reply. Calling an international number isn't really an option for me. The SLA quoted for receiving an RMA number is 24-48 hours. I would have expected to receive something by now. I'd be most appreciative is someone could follow this up for me.


Thanks in advance.



Tech Support Express Case [1339115] - RMA Request Received



Dear Valued Customer,


Your RMA request was received on 2/8/2010 8:34:08 AM.


We will review this request as soon as possible, and respond to you with an RMA number or further suggestions/requests.


Thank You!


Corsair Memory Inc.

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  • Corsair Employees

You made the original request on the 8th of February and then you requested again on the 11th.

And when you re-requested on the same request it bumped your request to the back of the list for the 11th not the 8th.

I have approved the request and please since you submit a request do not edit the request or it will bump you to the edited date. You should get an email shortly and the RMA conformation in about 30 Min.

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