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CM72DD2G1333 and Intel S3420GPLX


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I'm building a new system with an Intel S3420GPLX board and Xeon X3440 CPU.


I bought 6 sticks of Corsair CM72DD2G1333 2GB ECC Registered 1333Mhz DDR3 RAM for a total of 12 GB memory (I can't find this part number on the Corsair website, but lots of .au vendors have it). At first bootup, the board issued 3 beeps (memory error) and did nothing. I removed all but one memory module, and that booted fine. I added them back slowly and with 4 slots populated the system boots fine, however it fails when the 5th slot is used.


I've swapped the modules around with the same results, so I don't think any of the DIMMs are faulty, and it seems more like some kind of incompatibility with the board and the memory. It doesn't look like Intel test Corsair memory (here's the list of their tested modules for this board); but have Corsair tested their memory with this platform?


Any hints on anything I could try?


Page 27 of the user guide lists the valid slot configuration for RDIMM and UDIMM modules, and says that UDIMM is only supported in 4 of the 6 sockets (RDIMMs can be used in all). All the sites that list this product number say it's registered, however is it possible for someone from Corsair to confirm?

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