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Linux on SSD


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Just trying to clarify what I have seen on Linux (and I guess that includes Mac) support around Garbage Collection / Performance optimisation.


My goal is to identify the best SSD to run Linux systems on.


My first observation was that TRIM is only on Win7 so it is currently irrelevant if TRIM is supported or not until the Linux kernel gets TRIM support ---- unless I could boot into a very small Win7 partition and it would 'magically' optimise all partitions on the drive (including non NTFS) ones. Can someone can confirm/deny if this would work?


Garbage Collection / Performance Optimisation for the P-series is mentioned as only working on NTFS file systems. Has anyone tested this with non NTFS file systems such as FAT32/ext3/ext4/hfs...?



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Garbage Collection has only been tested on NTFS file systems, it is not stated that it will not work on other file systems only that it has been tested with NTFS. I am not sure if there is or has been any testing on other file systems or if there are any plans to do so, sorry! It is possible that it is not needed with other file systems as this is a limitation that was addressed with Microsoft's NTFS file system, Mac and Linux will work differently and may not have the same type of issue.


Windows 7 TRIM support will only be available with X series SSD Drives Version 2.0 or newer of the firmware and with P-series with the latest Firmware posted previously.

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