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Weird Issue with one PCI-E Connector on my HX1000


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Possible weird issue with my power supply. (HX1000W)


When ever I plug one of the PCI-E connectors on the PSU (the hard wired ones), it causes the graphics card to squeal very loudly (the kind as if it wasn't getting enough power).


IT doesn't matter which one port I plug it into my graphics card, it does it. The weird thing is that it only happens when I try to do some cable management on the cables in my case and just touch the cables and try to lift them up to put a cable tie around the two PCI-E connectors.


I think it may possibly be due to the PCI-E connector being faulty, as the cards run fine, until I try to very gently organise my cables and happen to pick up the one PCI-E cable.


Any thoughts?


I am hooping I don't have to RMA considering I am in Australia.

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Well the problem has been determined. The cable at fault (hard wired PCI-E cable) actually has a wire that has completely snapped off from the end connector that goes into the graphics card.


I was hoping I wouldn't have to RMA it, but it looks like I might have to.

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