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bios tweek with H50


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Hello, I'm fairly new to the word of hardware mods but jumped at the opportunity when I saw the H50 on sale for $60 at best buy. All went well with the install however when I booted up my comp, it stuck on the bios check screen with the error: "CMOS checksum bad" also boot temps seem high: around 50 degrees after 5-10min... from the bios screen.


Here's my build:

AMD Athlon dual 6000+ 3.1MHz

Mobo: nVidia GeForce 8200

300w psu

8g ram (32bit os though) and Ive been using the on board graphics


Once i booted up windows and ran speedfan my temps are way way down... 33c for the cpu. So it seems to be working though i'm weary about trusting speedfan. I followed the install directions, ie: fan connector into cpu slot, and pump connection into an open fan header. So it seems to be working in practice however I still get the CMOS error at startup. Do I just need to update my bios? any incite would be greatly appreciated, especially if there's any failsafe precautions I can take... I've been googling this for a bit and havent found any exact hits but am finding some good info about how to get this thing running efficiently however most of it is just beyond my current experience/understanding so I may require a little hand holding :-) I apologize for my lack of knowledge I know how annoying it can be when newbs post questions. Thanks, chris

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When I installed my H50, i had to flash my cmos, because my stock fan had 4-pin and i used a 3-pin fan instead. i guess that was the problem, but try resetting your cmos and leave the pump on the case fan header and fan on the cpu header.


your mobo should have a 3 pin with a cap on 2 of them just move the cap over and leave it there for 15-30 seconds and move it back to the original position... if you don't understand try finding it in your mobo manual.

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When I installed my H50, i had to flash my cmos, because my stock fan had 4-pin and i used a 3-pin fan instead.


I don't see how flashing your bios made a difference on a 3 pin connector though.


Most newer boards has a cmos push button on the board now. Though if you can't find it or it doesn't have one.


Unplug the power cable from the power supply, remove the battery for the cmos and press and hold in the power button to drain the rest of the power from the board.


Wait about 5 minutes and replace the battery, power cord and hit the power button.

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Bios only controls fan speeds no other mods necessary. Just to be safe connect the pump to the CPU fan header ..................place the radiator fan to a regular fan header.

Check the bios to be sure all CPU & other chassis fans are operating at 100% speed.


There is no need to run the fan at 100%.

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... too many variables to make such a sweeping statement.


as an example, i run mine at 100% when playing games etc.


No, not really, the BIOS level throttling is more than smart enough to keep your CPU cool. Also, most fans deliver diminishing returns above 80% (really above 65-70%). There is no viable reason to run fans at 100% flat out unless you are into extreme overclocking or live in a very warm climate. If your overclock cannot handle a couple degrees variation it's not a stable overclock anyway.

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