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RMA Delay?


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Case #: 1315054

RMA #: 1146386


I mailed my broken power supply to Corsair on January 25th and they received it on February 2nd. Since then, I haven't heard back. I realize there's been a 5 day delay, but it's been 7 days since and I'm wondering if there's been any further delays.


I apologize for being impatient, but I'd like to get my computer running up as soon as possible for school; I've been doing my best to manage without it. I'd really appreciate a response.


Edit: And I've checked my spam folder.




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It normally will work in Canada and Mexico, but it may depend on the phone system/carrier there.



P.S. I have sent them a message on your behalf and asked them to contact you with an Update ASAP.


I ended up getting a hold of them on Wednesday using that number, and the PSU had shipped but I just hadn't received a notification. So it there ended up being no delay!


I just got it hooked up and after 2-3 weeks, and I was never so happy to see those LEDs turn on.


Awesome RMA service. Thanks.

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