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am I missing something....


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I was looking at the memory reccomandations for my motherboard, which is a Gygabyte EP35C DS3R.

The first suggested memory set came out to be a set of 4 sticks of ddr3 memory (each one with 2GB).

My board has 4 slots for DDR2 and 2 slots for DDR3.

Am I missing something or the reccomendation "program" has overlooked the fact that, although the board has a total of 6 slots, only 2 are for DDR3 memory?

If my wish were to have 8GB of memory, is there a memory DDR3 with 4GB for each slot that is compatible with that board?


...or do i need to throw the board to the bin and replace it?



Rechecking the board manual I saw that the 2 slots for DDR3 only support up to 4GB. So the question is irrelevant and if I want 8GB either I go for DDR2 or trow the board in the bin

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