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CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 and Asus M4A785TD-M EVO?


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Hello :)


I've bought and installed the ASUS m4a785td-m EVO together with CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 (2x2048 MB DDR3 1600 MHz Corsair XMS3), but the system isn't running optimal. By that, i mean that i have a lot of BSOD's and memtest86+ is showing a lot of errors. I've talked to the company i bought the rams from, but before i send them in, i would like to here, if those rams are even compatible with my motherboard? I can't seem to find the motherboard in your overview of the supported motherboards. Could that be the memory problem i'm having?

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Thank you very much for the reply!


I'm not an expert on bios settings, but so far i've got some help from a guy on the ASUS forum, which explained that i should set the timing on the rams to 9-9-9-24 timings (tCL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS), 1.65V and the clock mode to 800MHz (also tried 667MHz), but nothing seems to work.

As for the CPU, i haven't changed anything there (could that be the problem?). I'm not very interested in OC. Right now i just wanna get it to work ;)


Ps. Sorry for my bad english.

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Thanks again for replying :)


I just got my new ram last night (same sort) and installed them with standard settings in bios. When i went to sleep i let memtest86+ run all night, and after 8 hours, there still hadn't been any errors.

I don't mind trying what you suggests there, but as for the 1.7V, isn't that too high? It seems like it should only be 1.65V, if i look on the "tested voltage" in here. As for the other things you mention that i should change, i'll probably do it when i get home later. But is it nescessary to change the bios settings, now that memtest is running smoothly? :) Again - thanks for replying to my post. Appreciate the support!

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It seems to be working really well now :) I put the voltage to 1.71V (couldn't choose exactly 1.7) and disabled legacy usb. Memory frequency was already at DDR1333 and couldn't find the command rate in bios settings. I wanna thank you again for the great support. Appreciate it! :)
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Hope i can borrow the thread.


I have the same broblem,

put the voltage to 1.71V and disabled legacy usb. Memory frequency was already at DDR1333 and couldn't find the command rate in bios settings.


But still gett memory errors.

Run test with memtest86+ and Win7 memtest.

And both find errors.

The strange is that i dont always get memory-foult when i run the test!?

The company i bought the rams of have tested my rams and didnt find any errors.


Is there nothing else to try to get my rams work with my mb

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I have been having issues with my Asus board and some non-corsair memory, It seems the PhenomII CPU's are REALLY picky on the timings used. for example the kit I'm running now although it has issues will run in a tolerable way at 1333Mhz T2-7-7-7-28, but if you underclock it or raise the timings any higher it becomes LESS stable?!

Mainly you need to be sure the board isn't trying to run 1333Mhz with a T1 command rate.

Mine tries this by default and it wont work, You need to find the option in the BIOS, on my asus board its hidden at first and you must change [DRAM frequency control] in the AI tweaker tab to manual, this will unlock a new menu where you can change the timings. Assuming your board has the same BIOS as mine, As mine is your boards bigger cousin I guess there the same At least menu wise.

Also you can get the memory to run at full speed, Although they don't officially support it. The C3 Phenom's are supposed to quite reliably reach 1600Mhz. You will more then likely need a Black edition chip though as the locked multi on 'normal' ones will cause a large overclock unless you can step the core frequency back down.


I will very likely be looking to get almost the same memory as you as the kit I have at the moment is faulty, I would be getting a 8GB kit with the CL8 timings as this is cheaper then the CL9 kit *shrugs*


As for the voltage, 0.05v is unlikely to cause any undue stress to a part, the variations in the design of different motherboards will probably cause fluctuations at that scale anyway so a little headroom will have been anticipated in the design of the RAM, and in theory so long as you can continue to remove the heat quick enough over voting parts by this small percentage shouldn't really be a problem.

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