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H50 leak


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hi my h50's temps started to worse over a month and i wasnt sure what it was so i took off the cooler/pump reapplied tim twice (AS5 and MX-2) but that didnt make a difference so then on friday i got another cpu so i was changing it over and noticed there was dampness at the bottom of the rad so i got paper towels and got the h50 out there as fast as i could and at closer inspection one of the tubes has torn right at the barbs at the radiator sorry i dont have a camera to show you a picture of it and it never damaged any of my hardware how do i go about gettin an RMA thanks



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Please use the "Request RMA" link on the left side of the page and we will be happy to replace the unit for you!



thanks mate ive put in a request thanks for the help and no bother with it :D:


wish microdirect were this simple and easy to deal with :D:

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