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My H50 rad mounted OUTSIDE my case w/PICS

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(sorry for the large pics)


Hey guys, new to the threads. I posted this in another forum and people seemed to think it was a good idea so i thought id spread it around here.


Mocked this up on the back of my tj-09. I used a bracket I had lying around from an old window AC unit. Will make a more permanent bracket later.



1. You can see the rad hanging off the back of the case.




2. A close up. Included corsair fan on bottom pushing air up. Mounted the Silverstone case fan on top of the rad.


3. From under looking up towards the ceiling. You can see the ac bracket screwed into the original case fan hole. Its blocking the fan a bit but i can easily cut that away. Putting a bracket on the other side will not work until i cut the bracket a little because the tube hits it. Its really secure with only one actually.


4. Screwed in place with a thumb screw for now.


5. Using a stand off as a nut lol


6. Just pics of the bracket



7. Next u can see how the tubes flow



Here are some temps with the corsair fan on the bottom of the rad pushing, and a silverstone case fan on top pulling. Also, 1 stock fan intaking at the top of the case blowing on the H50 block and NB. Rad mounted like in the pics above with bracket semi blocking part of the push fan.


@4.2Ghz 920 DO


Ambient 22C

Idle 24C


It seems to always idle 2 Degrees higher than ambient. Right now ambient is 20 and idle is 22.


Loads in the low 40's using intel burn test at high. Need more time to mess around with it and run prime.


Let me know what you guys think.

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Great idea, it should give the best results of all possible setups.

I had wanted to do that on my Obsidian 800D by using the 2 water cooling holes already in the case, but am unwilling (for now:p:) to take the H50 hoses off to pass them through. Anyone tried that yet?!


BTW - if you have pets, you may want to put the fan grill on the bottom fan instead of the rad ;):

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Thanks for the comments everyone and thanks to Yellowbeard moving the thread over here.



You are my best friend now... That RG7420 is beautiful, 7 Strings rule!!!!!!


Thats a great eye you have. Beautiful but was so hard to learn on.

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