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PSU shuts off after about 15-20 seconds


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I built this rig just after Thanksgiving and it has worked fine until about 2 days ago. It cut off right in the middle of SWG. It was as if someone yanked the power cord out of my system.


I went to turn it back on and it barely got past the post screen before it cut off. I tried once more and it got to the windows login screen and cut off. I removed the video card and it shut off after about 20 seconds. I systematically removed all the parts(drives, fans, and gpu) but the mobo, cpu, and ram. It still shuts off after mere seconds.


I see no problems on the mobo but is there anything to do to make certain which part is causing the problem?


PSU is the Corsair TX 650W.

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I would recommend you try this test, and if the PSU gives you the same behavior then use the "Request an RMA" link on the left side of this page. If the PSU turns on and stays on, then the PSU is getting a signal from some other component to shut off, and replacing the PSU may not resolve the problem. You may want to test it in a different system to be sure.
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