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4GB instead of 6GB at XMP. Please help...


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Hi guys,


I have the following configuration:


Motherboard: Asus P6T

CPU: Intel i7 950 (3.06 GHz)

Memory: Corsair Dominator GT 6GB DDR3-2000 (3 x 2GB, PC3-16000, 8-8-8-24,MG6GX3M3A2000C8)

OS: Windows 7 64bit

The DIMMS are placed in A1, B1 and C1 sockets.


The problem is that when running in XMP (2GHz) mode, I get only 4GB instead of 6GB both in BIOS and Windows (although cpu-z reports 6GB). However, when the memory profile is set to "Auto" I always get 6GB everywhere. (The rest BIOS settings are set to the default values you get after updating the BIOS, I haven't touched anything). I also have thoroughly inspected the CPU socket and there are no bent pins.


Are there any BIOS settings that I need to adjust in order to fix this? [i have the very latest January BIOS update]


Any help / suggestion will be greatly appreciated...







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It sounds like there might be an issue with one of the sticks or the memory controller. I would try testing each memory slot individually at 2000MHz to see if one of them has an issue. I would also try testing each module to see if one has an issue not detecting. Please let us know the results.
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I had a simmilar issue where windows did not register the entire amount. It ended up being a DRAM Bus undervoltage. @1600 it requires my TR3X6G1600C7D to run at 1.65v (1.66v my bios makes me choose), not sure my problem is associated with yours though, but give it a try :D:
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I had the same problems with these sticks. take them all out and put them in the same bank to test them 1 at a time, once booted into windows try to do some activities like watching a movie, playing a game, opening programs. I was blue screening with one of the sticks which was due to a bad stick.
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