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Hx850w doa?


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My system is a new build that has not yet been fired up successfully. On the initial attempts nothing happened - no lights, no fans, no reaction in any part pf the system. I read Yellowbeard's 10-26-2007 "Brief PSU Functionality Test" and then disconnected everything from the PSU except for one line to which I connected three daisy-chained case fans. I used a large paperclip to short the recommended green and black connectors in the 24 pin ATX power connector. Nothing happened with the PSU switch in either I or O position On the third try with the switch in the I position I fried the red lead in the last case fan in the chain, but no other action in the system.


Yellowbeard's test was on a 20-pin ATX power connector. Does this make a difference? Given all of the above is my PSU DOA or is there more that I can do to test its functionality?

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