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HX620W hard disks not spinning


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My system has 4 hard drives. Just this morning I turned it on and to my surprise received a message asking me to select an appropriate boot device. I then restarted and entered the BIOS setup window to comply but found out that none of my 4 hard drives were detected. The optical drive on the other hand was recognized by the system. I proceeded to remove the chassis cover and was not able to feel any of the HDDs spinning. Other components (fans, MB, video card, DVD drive) are all functioning just fine (power wise). All the hard drives were spinning when I later checked them using another PC.


My question is, could this be a PSU problem? Because as I see it, the PSU can run just about any component except for the HDDs.


BTW, I tried connecting the HDDs to the PSU using different cables and power sockets (even the one used by the optical drive) but to no avail.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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If the drives are working in a different system with a different PSU then we will want to replace the Corsair unit for you. Please use the "Request an RMA" link on the left and we will be happy to replace it!
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