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new P64 can't boot windows 7

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so unable to figure this problem out I decided to start from scratch. I used HDD Erase to restore my drive. It froze it. To get past this I:


1) set my storage config in Bios to IDE "compatible", and set cpu to boot from bootable USB containing HDD Erase.


2) shut down the cpu.


3) unplugged the power to the frozen drive.


4) started the CPU and booted from USB.


5) entered "hdderase" command at prompt to start that program


6) re-connected the power to the drive.


7) HDD saw the disk (now unfrozen). I then followed the prompts of HDD ERASE.


8) exited the program and restarted CPU


9) reinstalled windows 7



hope this helps anybody else who runs into these problems.


So now the question is:


When I reinstall Win7 will I be able to set my P64 as the boot drive in Bios and have it recognized?...

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Not sure if this is related to your problem, but I also have an Asus mboard, and If I have my external USB hard drive plugged in when I boot I get the same error message: "reboot and select proper boot device" Even though I have my system HD set to 1st boot priority. I just have to make sure my USB drive is disconnected or turned off at boot and everything is ok.
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