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2 x CM3X2G1600C9DHX on Asus M4A785TD-V EVO


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Hello. First sorry for my english.


I have little problem with my memory on this board. When i was going buy these components I was looking at asus site to memory QVL and i found in this compatibility list Corsair CM3X1G1600C9DHX. So I was hoping that CM3X2G1600C9DHX can work well too. But when all is on stock setting PC running good. But when I try overclocking I can set FSB only to 218MHZ with divider of ram 800MHz. But when i increase FSB to 219 220 ... 240MHz Pc won't start. So when i set the RAM divider to 400MHz I can overclock FSB for example to 266 MHz. And when increase RAM divider to 533/667/800 MHz Pc won't start. With ram divider 400MHz my RAM speed is only 532Mhz and its realy slow for my RAM. This problem have many people with this motherboard or M4A785TD-M EVO motherboard. For example:


I was trying BIOS from 0410 to newest 0602 but nothing help.


So what i can do with this? Maybe when i found somewhere all settings for memory not only CL, tRCD, tRp, tRAS, tRC it can run? Or there is only one solution... buy new RAM or MB?


Thanks for any help.

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I do apologize it sounds like you are having some issues with your CPU overclocking though. It is possible that your CPU memory controller does not like the overclock you are trying to set. You may be able to play with some of the memory controller related voltages which may help get your memory speed higher.
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